Karma wins over narcissists

It’s hard to think about happiness when someone selfishly uses you. When you think back to all the hazard signs that flashed in front of your face on your way down. It’s hard to think positive when you think back to the lies and the way you felt when you caught them in a lie. I am not going to sit upon any throne pretending I am above everyone. I get fooled just as much as the next person, if not more.

There are those people who come into our lives that say the right things, act the right way, and all the while are using us. They try to pretend like they aren’t, but their actions show otherwise. They come in quick. They woo you with their silver tongue. And, they make you think, “Finally, this is what I have been waiting for.” And then in the blink of an eye, they sweep the floor right out from underneath you.

Of course, you spend the next couple of days trying to figure out where it went wrong. You try to find a signal. You try to see how this person could have gotten past all your screens when they truly are the worst of all the others who have failed before. You rack your brain trying to figure out why you didn’t trust yourself when they lied to you the first time. You try to work out how you of all people ignored yourself when all the signs were there.

And, then you come to a point where you stand up. You rise to your feet. You remember who you are at the core. And, you take back your dignity. You remember how in the past karma has come back around and repaid all those people who ever did you wrong, and how she won’t let you down again. You smile knowing they think they are untouchable because they are already going through something. But you know they are not. You know there is not a zip code, state, country or rock they can go to or under to get away from their actions. They can lie and tell themselves they did nothing wrong, but you know the truth. You know karma knows. You know what they promised you and how they went about getting exactly what it is they wanted. And, you know in the end every bad action done comes back around.

You know you did nothing wrong, so you have nothing but good coming back to you. They are the ones who did the sneaking, manipulating, and coning. And it will be them who pay the price for their actions. So, stand up. Don’t let this get you down in the dumps. You are not in control of other people. You cannot predict all their actions. But, you are in control of yourself. Learn the lesson that was presented here, and move on to something more positive. Trust that the system will repay you for your goodness and be happy. Forget the rest.  Karma always wins over narcissistic ways.

4 thoughts on “Karma wins over narcissists

  1. Narcissists are incurable and unchangeable. The way to avoid being taken in is to take your time and not jump too easily or too quickly in a relationship. Beware of guys with too many compliements. Compliments should be real and genuine.

    I too have been taken in by narcissistic women and because I wanted to be loved so badly, I ignored early warning signs.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    1. So, true. It’s hard to remember when someone is complimenting you or smiling in your direction to look for key signs of bad things to come. But, after they are gone, you can clearly see them….I hate this.

  2. I really hope that karma will come back to bite my ex boss. She treated me horribly. This post applies to her. She is the type that uses people. When I called her try and talk with her about what happened she hung up on me. I left a message for her and she never called back- last week. People like this really need a taste of their own medicine.

    1. GRACE: Sometimes there are good reasons why people are the way they are with us. Maybe your boss being rude to you was to help you move on to your next place. Don’t wish anything on her, just know it comes back around in the end.Breathe, and look forwards to the better door opening up for you.

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